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Competitive Analysis

Where is your pay in the market by job and by person?

100 Pennies Exercise

Are you and your entire executive team on the same page about pay philosophy and pay strategy?

Compensation Structure Cost Benefit Analysis

Do you know what the range of possible pay strategies are, and the cost benefits trade offs of each choice?

Compensation Data Management

How do you bring HRIS data, market data, compensation philosophy, and talent strategy together into action in a way that can be updated efficiently?

Personal Equity Analysis

Are people being paid different amounts to do the same job? Are those differences justifiable by job performance related characteristics?

Job Architecture Analysis

Do you have a Job Function and Job Level Structure that is consistent and represents your talent strategy? Are your jobs matched to market correctly? Are people leveled right?

High Growth Compensation Design Package

How should your pay strategy vary by company funding stage, equity cap and cash/bonus/equity pay mix context?


We provide expert unbiased compensation support to get you moving forward

Often you know what you want, but something is preventing you from doing it: be it time, data gaps, data quality issues, or just lack of someone who can focus on this task full time. Whether your team needs help with untangling messy HR Data, grappling with how to line up your jobs with arcane market data sources, or engaging with managers and executives to clarify a job description, our team is prepared to offer support.

AnyComp is a team of experienced certified compensation professionals who provide high quality compensation analysis to help organizations manage financial and human resources more effectively as they scale.


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